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The House and Grounds

Built in 1933, the beautiful Tudor Revival house incorporates the simplicity and high style of the era. The house sits as the centerpiece of 11 acres of grounds and gardens, yet it blends into the landscape as if each were a part of the other. The house holds memories of a former time when Karl and Matilda Pfeiffer entertained friends and family, including Karl's sister Pauline Pfeiffer and her husband Ernest Hemingway. The grounds have evolved from the grasslands of a former dairy to a preserve of native Arkansas plants. The grounds are also a natural habitat for many small animals. There is a pond on the grounds that had previously been a swimming pool. The pool was featured in the 1956 film, “A Face in the Crowd”, starring Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal. The museum trustees are currently making improvements to the grounds. The five-year plan is to successfully blend culture and nature by adding beautiful art pieces, sculptures, musical instruments, and a fountain to the grounds. Some of these outdoor attractions are already in place.  

Mineral Collection

More than 1400 mineral specimens and geodes were collected by Mrs. Matilda Pfeiffer from 1960 until 1988. The collection includes specimens from around the world and across the United States. The trustees have continued to add to the collection with over 100 new acquisitions. Many of the minerals are on permanent display in the house museum while others are offered for viewing on a rotating basis. Arrangements can be made to view specific specimens.

Native American Artifact Collection

Artifacts from Northeast Arkansas are featured in the Pfeiffer Native American Artifact Collection. The majority of these artifacts were found by local Piggott businessman, Laws Cargill, who walked the cotton fields of the Delta and surrounding hills of Crowley's Ridge to find and save these implements of the past. No items, to our knowledge, were taken from burial grounds. Mrs. Pfeiffer obtained this extensive collection when Mr. Cargill decided to retire from actively searching for artifacts. Her interest was in keeping the collection in the Piggott area. The Pfeiffer Collection is representative of the artifacts left by Native Americans who lived, hunted, gathered and farmed in the area during the past 12,000 years. The collection has materials from the Paleo, Archaic, Woodland Mississippian cultures.

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